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Several aspects of health care products packaging design to note

Source:Samding Craftwork co.,Ltd. | Release date:2015-09-30 | Traffic: 108
 Now more and more people pay attention to the appearance of a gift package, because of a health care products and health care products not packaged beautifully packaged value is different, beautifully packaged box in a certain extent, can improve the grade of gifts, but also to You send out more face close people happy, that health care packaging manufacturer in the design need to pay attention to what areas?
 There are health care products packaging design aspects of the following six designers need to pay attention, in particular where six, with a look!
First, choose in the material is not the gift of choice material damage, because some health care products packaging boxes used to hold some of the crafts, but also some used to hold the package of health food products, and those with contaminated packaging materials not only stimulate It will damage the built-in health care, but also endanger the health and safety of the recipient.
 Second, health care products packaging must not preclude the use of health care products, the packaging process so as not to change the existing structure of health care products. To use the easy-open packaging, health care for those perishable products, the packaging should bear in mind when packing leaving not because of internal deterioration of health care products.
 Third, if it is presented through mail or long distance carrying, be sure to pay attention to health care products packaging firm, abrasion resistance, and some even require water.
 Fourth, when you take the vehicle to carry health care products, length, width, height and structure of health care products to be easy to carry box.
 Fifth, particular attention is the use of any form of packaging can not destroy the original product for instructions Introduction.
 Sixth, designers often forget that it is color and pattern, color and pattern are the basic elements of health care products packaging, as well as the basic style of packaging. Do not underestimate a pack of color and pattern, in this fast-designer must be careful, if the product is going abroad must understand the different countries to understand their color and pattern, different countries and regions or nations exist the health care of color taboo, so designers in terms of their color and pattern must grasp.